The Fashion of Hunger Games

{Hunger Games Photos from: Capitol Couture}

{From Left: Ring: House of Harlow; Bracelet: House of Harlow; Earrings: CC Skye}

I want a mockingjay pin!  I’m also going to get a pair of arrow earrings to show my support for Katniss Everdeen.

CHEESE ALERT- I’m about to be preachy and cheesy – When my friend first told me about Hunger Games a couple years ago, I was like, that sounds really terrible.  Who wants to read this terrible scenario about kids killing each other in some “Hunger Game.” I was like, well I’ve read Brave New World, the Giver, and Animal Farm.  I don’t need to read another dystopia book, thanks.  Then I heard they were making a movie, and suddenly I felt like I needed to read the book because I love movies and I would probably see this one.  So, before finals last April I finally sat down and read all of them in two days because I’d rather read than sleep or eat or study for finals.  They were so good!  It wasn’t that they were just another a series of young adult books for teeny-boppers everywhere, which I am totally a twenty-something-year old teeny-bopper.  It was actually this commentary about reality television, ridiculous fashions, war, dictatorships etc… the list goes on. It’s the kind of thing that makes me feel horrible for loving trashy reality tv and wanting to go into fashion.  However, I think this book is saying, all of that is okay, but make sure that your life is more.  Express yourself, care about others, and recognize that there are others outside of the “Capitol” suffering. Fashion is great, and it can be used for good, and I’ll definitely try to do that with my career.

ANYWAY, so despite the satire on fashion, I really do love pieces of everything in this movie. Check out Capitol Couture, the fashion blog they created just for everything fashion from the Hunger Games.  I love the Alexander McQueen and almost Marie Antoinette inspired fashions in the Capitol.  The shoes, the colors, the outfits, the hair…  I also really loved Katniss’ dress.  I also loved Cinna’s more laid back natural approach to fashion which I love on a man.  What do you think?

Also, here is a funny review of the Hunger Games that totally reflects how I felt watching the movie.  I cried THREE times during the movie even though I knew what was going to happen!

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Hello from Los Angeles

{Chair: Urban Outfitters; Area Rug: NuLoom @ RugStudio}

Hi Everyone!  PLEASE don’t hate me for not updating in awhile!  I’m finally sort of settled in LA now.  I feel like I haven’t really felt settled in anywhere in a year now, since in May I moved from Minnesota to Orange County after graduating, then Orange County to DC in September after taking the Bar, and now to LA for fashion school.  Also, moving cross country 3 times in less than a year is not fun.  Don’t do it if you don’t have to!

I start school next week, but I’ve been obsessing over how to decorate my new apartment.  I haven’t settled on a design aesthetic yet because I like about 1000 different styles, and I’m afraid if I go shopping, my apartment will end up looking like style vomit.  Not pretty.  I am, however, loving all the ikat decor out there right now, almost better than ikat apparel.  What do you think?

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Mixed Prints

{Top and Belt: Forever 21}

Sorry for my absence last week, but I’m still in the process of moving. In the meantime, check out a trend that I’m still not tired of… mixed prints! I love the clash of patterns or colors that’s just enough clash to be loud, but still look put together.

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Kiss… Makeup!

{Forever 21 Love and Beauty Leopard Lipstick (red); Chanel Lipstick (Paris 22) @ Saks Fifth Avenue; Nars Lipstick (Schiap); Forever 21 Love and Beauty Leopard Lipstick (pink); Benefit Lipstick (My Treat) @ Sephora}

I prefer to wear my lipstick by dabbing three dots on each lip (one in the middle and one on each side) and then using my finger to smudge it out.  I guess I like a more “stained” look then a full on thick lipstick look.  How do you wear your lipstick?

I’ve been using the Chanel Lipstick in Paris for a year now, and I absolutely love the red.  I just bought the Nars Schiap when Hannah and I went shopping in Georgetown last weekend.  It’s always fun to poke my head around Sephora.  Although the two Forever 21 lipsticks don’t last that long, I love the smell, look, and feel of their Leopard lipstick on.  Of course, the casing is cute too!  The Benefit lipstick is Hannah’s, and she says she loves it.  It’s a really cute color too!  What do you think?

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Pink Ombre Blazer? Yes Please!

{Top: TopshopFound it here, and could not find on Topshop website. I think it will come out soon?}

I just finished Downton Abbey, and I’m really depressed I don’t have anymore episodes to watch. I know, I’m behind everyone else, but it takes me a long time to watch dramatic shows because it gives me anxiety.

Please excuse the copious amounts of posts about pink blazers lately (in reality, purple is my favorite color), but I had to tell you guys how obsessed I am with this Topshop blazer. So cute! I love the ombre on it, it’s such a great idea!

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{Top: H&M; Jewelry: J. Crew, House of Harlow 1960, Melinda Maria}

{Top Row: Alexander McQueen Jacquard Peplum Jacket @ Browns; Stella McCartney Jersey Peplum Top @ Net-a-porter; Alice and Olivia Peplum Tee with Zip @ Alice and Olivia; Peplum Blouse @ H&M}

{Bottom Row: Alice and Olivia Hilly Peplum Dress @ Alice and Olivia; Closet Peplum Split Neck Dress @ House of Fraser; Sporty Peplum Boudoir Dress @ Suzannah; Alice and Olivia Pelum Dress @ Harvey Nichols}

Okay, I feel like I’ve traumatized my dog with this move, but hopefully she’ll love it in California where it’s warm and sunny. She hates the cold and rain. I also think that I’m semi traumatized by my snap decision to move to California (decided in a week and am moving a month later), and maybe I’ve transferred the trauma to her. Good thing there’s lots of loving and support going on around me.

According to Wikipedia, “Peplum originates in the Greek word for ‘tunic’ and may refer to one of the following: … Short overskirt that is usually attached to a fitted jacket, blouse or dress.” I knew what peplum looked like, but I wasn’t quite sure what the exact definition was, so there you have it! Yay Wikipedia – hopefully it’s accurate! Anyway, I got the metallic peplum top at H&M. It was actually quite expensive for H&M, but I think it’s totally worth it. The bottom photo is all the fun peplum pieces I’m seeing right now!

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{Blazer: H&M; Tank: Forever 21; Earrings: J. Crew; Headband: J. Crew; Belt: Forever 21; Jeans: Citizens for Humanity; Lipstick: Nars Schiap}

Just another couple of weeks of pictures from Hannah :(.  Anyway, I finally got the pink blazer I’d been dying for at H&M.  I used to be so against the matchy-matchy thing, but I’m so into it now.  I matched the blazer with the earrings with the headband with the lipstick.  I’m obsessed. I totally want to try a monochromatic look sometime soon once I figure out which colors I want to do.  I think a peachy color or a green would be cool.  What do you think?

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Hannah and Emily

{Button Down Top: J. Crew; Sweater: J. Crew; Necklace: Nordstrom}

Hannah, I’m going to miss you sooooooooooo much!!! I only have one more week with my amazing photographer and good friend, Hannah. Luckily, she has a reason to come visit me in LA, where there is lots of good shopping – better than DC I’m afraid. I’m dedicating this post to Hannah. The purple top is mine, and the yellow sweater is hers. We’re both really into bright colors in a really classic kind of way. Hannah is super classy ladylike with a twist, and I’m just girly. We both like that one bold piece in our outfits.  I think these two pieces represent when our two styles meet (think the middle of a venn diagram). I’m also just really into colors right now. Bright colors, muted colors, primary colors, secondary colors… all of it! Color always brightens my day! What do you think?

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Everything is Better in Travel Size

{Hollywood Fashion Tape Lint Removing Sheets @}

I can’t help it. I’m such a procrastinator. I’m leaving in two weeks, and I’ve still only packed 3 boxes. Packing and moving always seem daunting.

I’m obsessed with my travel size lint remover sheets from Hollywood Fashion Tape. Whenever I wear black pants, I give it a once over with the lint roller, but somehow I always end up with dust or something back on it once I’m out. Then I have to go hunting for some scotch tape or something to try and get it off. Now, I have this portable packet of lint removing sheets just for when I wear my black pants! I got them at my new favorite website

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Jeweled Hoops

{Earrings: Kendra Scott}

{First Row: Kenneth Lane CZ Hoop @ Zappos; Lanvin Noir Macrame and Crystal Hoops @ Barneys; House of Harlow 1960 Triangle Hoop Earrings @ Zappos.}
{Second Row: Halleh 18 Karat Gold and Diamond Earrings @ Net-a-porter; Henri Bendel No.7 Large Stone Hoop @ Henri Bendel; Cleopatra Hoop Earrings @ Amrita Singh.}
{Third Row: Dannijo Imogene Hoops @ Dannijo; Pearlescent Hoop Earrings @ Forever 21; Betsey Johnson Earrings @ Macys.}

Oh my goodness!  I am so nervous/excited/anxious/depressed/happy/annoyed about moving to Los Angeles!!!  I’m so nervous and anxious to start a new career and life in a new big city.  I’m so excited and happy that I’m following my passion and dreams!  I’m so depressed that I’m leaving my good friends (you know who you are!) behind in DC.  I’m so annoyed about packing.  These last couple weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions, but I wouldn’t have life any other way.

Not that hoops ever really go out of style, but I kind of got bored of the basic hoop for awhile.  Then in came these fantastic bejeweled hoops that I’m seeing everywhere.  This is an awesome twist on the classic hoop.  With the perfect gem, you can get rock ‘n roll, classic beauty, or bohemian chic.  I love that these hoops have been transformed.  What do you think of my new jeweled hoops I got from Gilt in the first two pictures?  I love the girly, yet subdued colors!

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